Takeru "Mars" Myoujin

Takeru Myoujin

Rokushin Gattai GodMars: Juunana-sai no Densetsu
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Rokushin Gattai GodMars
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Rokushin Gattai GodMars (1982)
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Takeru Myoujin (明神タケル)
A pair of twin boys named Mars and Marg were born long ago on the planet Gishin. Emperor Zool took the one named Mars as a baby and sent him on a mission to Earth. This mission was to detonate the bomb inside his robot Gaia and destroy the planet, aiding in Zool's quest to conquer the universe.

Mars was adopted by Earth parents and grew up having a normal happy life, not knowing anything about his origins. His parents named him Takeru, and as a young man of 17 was a proud member of the Crasher Squad, helping the Earth in their space exploration program.

One day, the Gishin came to Earth and told Takeru about his past. Loving the Earth, Takeru rejected Zool's plan and instead took up the fight against Gishin. To make things more difficult, if Takeru himself dies, the bomb inside Gaia will explode anyway.

Takeru awakens to his natural esper powers and gains control of six mysterious robots, being able to control them before even understanding where they come from. When these robots combine, they form God Mars, the strongest robot in the universe.

From there, Takeru takes on a quest with his friends from the Crasher Squad to understand more about himself, his family, the six god robots, Zool, Gishin, and to save the Earth.

Voice Actors
Mizushima, Yuu
Beccari, Claudio