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Player (プレイヤー)
The Player is the seventh Master in the Holy Grail War in Snowfield. There is no Saber-class Servant in the ritual, so he instead is granted five Command Spells capable of summoning a Servant for each Command Spell for a limited duration of time. While described in the sense of a player character for a game, the story was written as an April Fools' Day prelude to a joke project that was never intended to be developed.

The Player's identity is almost completely selectable within the context of the "game setting." Gender, ethnicity, and body build are able to be varied, their age can be from their late teens to early twenties, and it is possible for them to be a criminal, saint, or faker. They are a normal human rather than a magus who previously lived in Fuyuki, but arrived in America while fleeing something. They meet an unnamed woman with white hair, pale skin, and a noted uncommon beauty in Las Vegas. She forces them to accept the five Command Spells, and though it is unknown how much they understand about the situation, she leads them to Snowfield to begin their story.

(Source: Type-Moon Wikia)

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