Cao "The Strongest Human, Sousou" Cao

Cao Cao

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High School DxD Hero: Taiikukan-ura no Holy
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High School DxD
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Cao Cao (曹操)
Race: Human
Sacred Gear: True Longinus
First Appearance: Volume 6

Cao Cao is the leader of the Hero Faction of the Khaos Brigade. He is the wielder of the Ultimate Longinus, the True Longinus.

Cao Cao is a charismatic person, as he was able to convince many Sacred Gear users to join the Hero Faction. He also believes that it is his responsibility as a descendant of a hero to destroy beings like Devils, Fallen Angels, and Dragons which he believes are threats to human beings.

(Source: Highschool DxD Wiki)

Voice Actors
Toriumi, Kousuke
Chapin, Clifford