Suzuki "Onji, Suzuka"


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Suzuki (鈴木)
Suzuki, Suzuka in the English version, is a member of the Fractured Fairy Tales. In the past he was known as Tanaka the Powerful Warrior, and one day lost miserably against Younger Toguro. Suzuki is, at first, very selfish and seems to care only about himself, as shown by how he thought he was extremely beautiful and everyone else was ugly. He even went so far as to kill several people in the audience at the Dark Tournament for refusing to worship him. It is later found out that he does care for others, and he was kind enough to help Kazuma Kuwabara and Kurama during the Finals Rounds of the Dark Tournament. He is also extremely intelligent, having knowledge of many moves and abilities. Suzuki is also regularly seen dressed up as a clown. In the anime, as a clown his hair is blond, but when not dressed up as a clown it is more along the lines of brown with some minor green shading in it. Suzuki is a master of disguise, and is also extremely skilled at creating weapons for the advantage of others. Suzuki's main abilities are based around manipulating his spirit energy into powerful blasts.

Voice Actors
Sogabe, Kazuyuki
Inman, Jeremy
Fields, James
Olivero, Alberto