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Solomon Goldsmith

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Solomon Goldsmith (ソロモン・ゴールドスミス)

Solomon was a blood relative of Amshel and thus related to the Goldschmidt family of France. Youngest of the Goldsmiths, his family wanted him to enter the military during the First World War to further expand their powers, though they had established many banks and businesses at the time. But wanting to help people in need, Solomon went into the medical field and though he didn't directly participate in the war, he became a military doctor instead. However, because of what he witnessed during this time, the constant bloodshed of war terrified him and he wanted a war-free life.

He was introduced to Diva by Amshel in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. At this point he agrees to become a chevalier as he wanted to free himself from seeing humans kill each other, and hoped that peace would prevail. But afterwards, he started seeing humans as insignificant and beneath him. Though as time passed, he realized the world of the chiropterans is just as full of war as the human one. Because he was wearing white at the time, it is the only color that Solomon wears as it is a symbol of him being Diva's chevalier.

Solomon is of French descent and one of the most charming characters in the series. Owning handsome attributes like a kind, gentle smile, he is shown to be the eye-catcher of every woman in any gathering. Retaining the appearance of a young man in his early to mid-20s, he has pale skin, light green eyes, and wavy pale blond hair. His ever smiling face displays his peaceful nature. However, his eyes turn glowing red whenever he gets serious and fights using his chiropteran abilities while in human form.

(Source: Blood+ Wikia)

Voice Actors
Wittenberg, Dave
Tsujitani, Kouji
Fagundes, Vagner
Portuguese (BR)
Ugarte, Víctor
Takátsy, Péter
Hoffmann, Florian
Laquet, Damien
Hernández, Enrique

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