Sheila Levitt

Sheila Levitt

Terra Formars
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Terra Formars
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Sheila Levitt (シーラ・レヴィット)
Nationality: Gran Mexico
Mars Ranking: #89
Age: 16
Birthday: September 1
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Surgery Base: Poison Dart frog (Dendrobatidae)
Blood type: O

A girl that, along with her mother, fled their country with the help of their relatives, after her father committed suicide. Her childhood friends Alex and Marcos chased after her, finding her in the process of taking up the M.O. operation and joining Annex I project.

(Source: Terra Formars Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kayano, Ai
Combes, Caroline