Ganta "Woodpecker, N° 5580 " Igarashi

Ganta Igarashi

Deadman Wonderland
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Deadman Wonderland
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Ganta Igarashi (五十嵐 丸太)

The main protagonist of the story. Ganta is a seemingly harmless, ordinary middle school boy who is framed for the slaughter of his entire middle school class, perpetrated by the mysterious Red Man. Sentenced to "death," he is sent to Deadman Wonderland, where he is initially confused and frightened by the brutality of the prison. Shortly after arriving, Ganta discovers he can manipulate his blood and, thus, is deemed a Deadman, a bearer of a Branch of Sin—a power that can turn blood into a lethal weapon.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Park, Romi
Ayres, Greg
Nishimura, Trina
Jeon, Gwang ju
Belle, Maximilian
Gamet, Elise

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