Utsutsu Miya

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Utsutsu Miya (宮 うつつ)

Age: 15 (estimated)
Height: 143 cm
G Member Since: 2 years

A first-year student attending the Tachikawa Private Academy for the Gifted. She works as a volunteer taking care of the flowers at the Tachikawa City International Greenery Garden. She does not have a very positive image of herself, and fears getting closer to others. The only one she can speak to normally is O.D. Just about the only thing she says to the other members is "I will be gloomy...," (鬱々します, Utsuutsu shimasu) which is a pun on her name.

For most of the time, she is in her black lingerie.

(Source: ANN)

Voice Actors
Mosier, Carli
Koiwai, Kotori