Mr. Zone "Feydar Zone"

Mr. Zone

Waga Seishun no Arcadia: Mugen Kidou SSX
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Mr. Zone (ミスターゾーン)

A former Solar Federation spacecraft designer, Mr. Zone lost his job when Harlock, then a Federation captain, declared that his ship designs didn't offer adequate protection for the crew. Zone's career as an engineer died, and ever since he's sought an opportunity to give Harlock a little payback. After earth was conquered by the Illumidas, Zone saw his chance and offered earth's new rulers his services as a hired gun and spaceship designer. With his help, the Illumidas create better fighting vessels with which to combat the pirate, though secretly Zone also wishes to see the earth free of the Illumidas, as well.


Voice Actors
Furuya, Toru
Hernandez, Gérard
Trabaud, Pierre

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