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Irène (イレーヌ)

Irène fights with a wide, double-sided sword, and is one of several Schiff with the ability to locate Saya from great distances. Killing humans to drink their blood bothers her to the point that she refuses to continue to do so, though it leaves her in a weakened state. After Kai saves her from some thugs in Paris, Irène tells him how the Schiff came to exist, how they are dying from Thorn, and why they keep attacking Saya. She also tells him that they think Saya's blood will save them, so he offers to ask Saya. When the Schiff later attack Saya's group, she and Kai try to convince both sides to stop fighting because of their new friendship, but the fighting only stops when Irène collapses from her progressing Thorn. Saya reluctantly agrees to feed her some of her blood, but it ends up killing Irène. Her death is mourned by Kai, Saya, and the Schiff alike. Realizing its Diva's blood they really need, Irène's death is the precipice for the end of the hostilities between Saya's group and the Schiff.

Voice Actors
Toyoguchi, Megumi
Bulara, Fernanda
Portuguese (BR)
Hack, Olivia
Mahó, Andrea
Jiménez, Ariadna
Wöckel, Kristin
Romero, Marisol

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