Kyouko Suomi

Kyouko Suomi

Jikuu Ihoujin Kyoko: Chocola ni Omakase!
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Time Stranger Kyoko
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Kyouko Suomi (朱臣 響古)
The 16 years-old princess of the world in 30th century, will soon become queen, but if this happens, she must quit the school, what she doesn't want to do ( no one at school knows that she is the princess) . So she begins the search after the god stones to wake her twin sister Ui.
At the beginning she is a selfish and naive girl, but changes friendlier with time.

She is the Time Stranger and uses the "Time Scorpion Cane" to travel through the time, and also stop the time.

Voice Actors
Mizuno, Risa