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Paulie (パウリ)

Paulie is rarely without a cigar in his mouth or his flame detailed denim jacket. (Though in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc he wore a black jacket emblazoned with roses and chains.) His hair is blond and slicked back on his head while wearing a pair of orange goggles on top. He's usually seen frowning.

Paulie is shown as the closest to and most trusted by Iceburg. He also shows a different outlook on the way many female characters in One Piece dress. Unlike most other characters such as Sanji, Paulie often becomes outraged at how much body women such as Nami and Kalifa show off when they are in the company of men.

When he is first introduced, he tries to steal two suitcases full of money from Luffy to pay off his gambling debts. Though he is thwarted by Lucci, he still asks for 10% as a service fee.

Fighting Style:
Paulie has a unique fighting style; a complicated use of ropes that appear from under his sleeves. The amount of rope he carries is absurd, measuring hundreds, if not thousands of meters as he was actually able to make a huge, complex rope-work in a split-second to keep not only himself, but also the entire Franky Family, their Kingbulls, Oimo, and Kasshii from falling into the huge pit in Enies Lobby. He also boasts that the Galley-la rope he carries never breaks no matter what loads it carries.

When he attacks, the ropes generally snake their way out his sleeve and wrap around the target.

During the opening day of the Puffing Tom, a young Paulie was seen attending it's coronation.[2] Inspired by this event, Paulie decided to become a shipwright. He then grew up and joined the Galley-La Company. He then became one of the company's top foremen.

Paulie first appeared to the Straw Hats as one of the five Galley-La foreman of Dock 1 in Water 7, specialising in the mast and rigging.

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