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Ginrai (ジンライ)
The main protagonist of the Transformers Masterforce series. Ginrai is a young truck driver of Japanese descent, who was brought up in America. Because his robotic form resembles the old Transformer, Convoy (Optimus Prime), some fans are confused and led to believe that Ginrai is in fact Convoy.

Ginrai rents a supposedly cursed truck which greatly resembles Convoy (Optimus Prime).
Ginrai discovers in the glove compartment a set of bracelets. He puts them on, but finds he is unable to take them off. The Cybertron warrior, Diver, recognises the bracelets of Ginrai's wrists and explains to him how they work.
However, Ginrai's truck is attacked by Buster and Hydra, who are desperately searching for the Godmaster warriors.
Diver instructs Ginrai on how to transform and defeat Hydra and Buster.

Although hesistating at first, Ginrai eventually joins with the Cybertrons, after several of his friends are killed by Destrons.

Voice Actors
Takemura, Hiroshi