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Noriko (のり子)

She is a friend of Misa Amane. She features in chapter 48 "Give-and-Take".

During the Yotsuba investigation, Misa is not allowed to go anywhere without being escorted by Mogi. Misa discreetly contacts Nori and arranges a meeting.

Misa is appearing in a major film. The next day, after a location shoot, she asks to be allowed to use the ladies' room in a local hospital. Waiting in a cubicle is Nori who is dressed as a nurse. The two girls quickly swap clothes and wigs. Misa has told Nori that she wants to go out on a date but cannot get much privacy due to her celebrity status.

Nori is thrilled to be wearing Misa's clothes — indicating that she is a fan of Misa, a well-known model and actress.

Dressed in the nurse outfit and wearing a black wig, Misa then leaves, slipping past Mogi and going out for a drive with Higuchi, intending to expose him as the Yotsuba Kira.

Nori meanwhile approaches Mogi who, realizing that he has been tricked, quickly raises the alarm with the rest of the Kira Task Force, who have to wait until Misa returns in the evening — with evidence that Higushi is Kira.

Voice Actors
Werner, Rieke
Kondou, Kanako
Conte, Guilene
Portuguese (BR)

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