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Konatsu Harada (原田 小夏)

Konatsu Harada, the first third-year student on the team, is the shortest of the five members of the team Kenzaburo chose, and also the shyest. She is rather skilled in kendo as Kenzaburo once remarks that she has a 2-dan rank, is "self-motivated," and comes to practice every day. She is very quiet and can be flustered by some of the things her team, particularly her teacher, does (as shown in one episode of the anime). Konatsu is one of the strongest members on the team, second only to Karen Nishiyama. During a practice match with Muroe High Konatsu was beaten by Tamaki Kawazoe.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Shindou, Kei
Saxton, Jad
Song, Do Yeong