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Ootake (大竹 (おおたけ))

Ootake is a young chef who was formerly the owner of the 7-star "Fairtytail Specialty Cooking" restaurant Otogi Castle prior to his abduction by the Bishokukai. He is also an old friend of Komatsu's from their training days to become chefs. After his abduction he became a member of the Bishokukai and formed a combo with one of its top members. He also recently joined Chiyo on a mission to attack Shokurin Temple.

After being kidnapped by the Bishokukai and joining them, Ootake seems to have gotten hold of a certain amount of strength, becoming muscular and slightly bigger than before. Toriko suspects that he has had Gourmet Cells directly injected into his body (mainly due to seeing his facial features). He uses two knifes as weapons. He has some super strength as he could carry his own weight plus Chiyo and jump up on to Chiyo's beast in the sky.
Hearing the "Voice" of Ingredients: Ootake was one of the few Chef in the world that was able to hear the voice of the ingredients in Ichiryuu Full Course Menu.

Ootake was selected as Starjun's combo partner due to his impressive Food Luck, something the Sous Chef doesn't have, and it is a much needed ability in order to obtain GOD.

Revitalizing knife is a rare technique that few chefs can perform. Upon stabbing someone, the knife leaves no wound behind, though the victim will still feel the pain. Ootake's use of the knife suggests that it was primarily used for torture but can be use to heal people a well.

Voice Actors
Yuuki, Hiro