Shikou "Grandfather" Chokou

Shikou Chokou

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Shikou Chokou (張紘 子綱)

An old man who trained Hakufu when she was a child. He is an old friend of Goei, and he possibly trained her too, and has also trained Ukitsu and Rikuson. He explains to Goei about Hakufu's fate to be killed by Ukitsu. When Ukitsu was recovering from her fight with Hakufu, Chokou mentions that her loss to Hakufu was a necessary sacrifice needed to awaken Hakufu's dragon. He is currently trying to teach the Water Dragon Fist to Hakufu with the help of Rikuson and Saji.

In the anime, he is referred by Hakufu as "Grandfather" (it may just be a title, as elderly family friends are called grandfathers in Japan), and he helps train Hakufu and Ryomou at his hot springs. He is also shown to be slightly perverse, as seen during one sparring session when he purposely knocked both Hakufu and Ryomou into a lake just to see them wet. In Dragon Destiny, he is the one who performs a revival on Hakufu's body where he only manages to awaken her dragon, but was able to keep her dragon under control. He tells Ukitsu that only she is able to revive Hakufu's spirit. We find out that he also trained Hakugen. At the end of the series, he and Hakugen are seen attending Ukitsu's grave, and he gives thanks to Ukitsu for sacrificing her life in order to save Hakufu, thus changing the fates of many fighters for the better.

Voice Actors
Knight, William Frederick
Saitou, Jirou
Lochthove, Klaus
Satiro, Cláudio
Portuguese (BR)

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