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Kagetane Hiruko (蛭子 影胤)

Kagetane Hiruko is an antagonist and a Promoter, working with Kohina Hiruko - his own daughter - as his Initiator.

Kagetane Hiruko is a pale, lean man, with slicked-back hair reaching to the back of his neck, and moderate sized ears. His entire face is, however, covered by a white mask, only leaving portions of his jawline exposed.

His most intriguing accessory is a white mask that covers his entire image. The mask itself is simply design with a mischievous smirk running from its cheekbones down to, slightly above, the jawline and arching back up to his opposite cheekbone. Granting him visibility are two crescent-shaped spots flowing downwards, forming a wicked portrayal along with the mouth piece. Kagetane's upper body is completely covered by a connected jacket with three buttons on either side. The jacket's collars are flipped, giving view to a plant-like design on the inside and several diagonal lines on the higher areas. The jacket's end spots a split cape elongating to his feet. Underneath the jacket, Kagetane dons a white shirt with many buttons and a small collar, as well as a small bow-tie around his neck. His lower regions are covered by a pair of pants spotting multiple lines jutting downwards. Circling around his thighs are two straps, where he keeps both his custom Beretta: Spanking Sodomy and Psychedelic Gospel. Kagetane covers his hands with white gloves, and wears a magician's hat on top of his head.

(Source: Black Bullet Wikia)

Voice Actors
Koyama, Rikiya
Hickman, Jay
Meese, Andreas

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