Cyborg Butler

Hayate no Gotoku!
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Cyborg Butler (サイボーグ執事)

Cyborg Butler is the sixth and last dark butler to make an appearance (episode 38). He resembles a cross between Guy Shishioh from GaoGaiGar and Viral from Gurren Lagann, two anime characters also voiced by the same actor. He has a tendency to scream dramatically and shout "Gagagagagaga" while running, and possesses similar attacks to GaoGaiGar, including Drill Knee, Broken Magnum, Hell and Heaven and the Goldion Hammer (though named differently). He also uses Guy's infamous catchphrase when using the Goldion Hammer: "Hikari ni Nare!!" (literally meaning "Be reduced to light!!"). He defeats Hayate easily due to Kuzuha draining Hayate's "Butler Power" away, but when he attempts to retreat afterwards, he is destroyed by Himegami.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Hiyama, Nobuyuki

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