Yukino Azusagawa

Yukino Azusagawa

Yakitate!! Japan
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Yakitate!! Japan
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Yukino Azusagawa (梓川 雪乃)

The eldest daughter of Pantasia. Yukino can be quite cruel, such as by placing Tsukino's mother's remains under a withered tree instead of her proper grave. She had intended to buy up her grandfather's stock but ended up being the president of St. Pierre in a twist. She has a grudge against Pantasia and ended up trying to exhaust Pantasia's 12 billion yen won by Kanmuri when he bet on Team Japan during the Monaco Cup. She seems to have a sexual relationship with Yūuchi Kirisaki. This character is another one of Azuma's antagonists and possesses the opposite of Solar hands: Snow Storm Hands. She also dislikes Tsukino heavily, even to the point of insulting her, which anger Azuma thoroughly.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yuuya, Atsuko
Zeller, Emily Woo
Lee, Gye Yun

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