Yoriko Sannou

Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution
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Yoriko Sannou (山王依子)

Kyouta is her best friend; they have known each other since childhood. Yoriko is two years Kyouta’s senior. She is in college and is possibly in love with Kyouta. She has no siblings. She is a constant cheerleader to T.L. Signal and maintains friendships with all three band members.

She is torn between two conflicts within herself. She struggles with the awakening powers in her, and her emerging feelings for Kyouta. It is rumoured in her family that she has inherited the powers of the demigod Benzaiten. The Arayashiki organisation is hungry for Yoriko to join their ranks and help them defeat their enemies, but other forces are also seeking Yoriko’s powers for ill. The race for her soul has begun.

Voice Actors
Rial, Monica
Aoki, Mayuko
Forest, Nayéli
Oeffinger, Marieke