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White★Rock Shooter (ホワイト★ロック・シューター)

White★Rock Shooter or WRS is a character from the RPG Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME, taking the role of the main antagonist.

Originally, she is known as Sing Love (シング・ラブ), a famous singer on Earth before the alien invasion that decimated most of Earth and the human population.

She is Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in PSP Game.

White★Rock Shooter's appearance consists of a white and magenta futuristic outfit as a theme. She wields a giant curved scythe (as big as her) named "White Scythe" with ease. She also wields a Rock Cannon and a 'White Blade'. She has two white "wings" sticking out of her back, composed of four smaller wings each. In her EX mode, these become more apparent to angel wings, with a halo like object on the far back. These can engulf themselves in magenta flames while in battle. Both wings have a black star on them.

Parallel to BRS, her flame is on the right side rather than left and its color is magenta.

Her hair is separated into two even long twin-tails.

Her appearance is similar to Black★Rock Shooter, but more complicated and the main colors are magenta and white, compared to Black★Rock Shooter's black and blue color theme.

WRS is an extraterrestrial being that arrived on Earth in a human form as Sing Love on 24th December 2031, nearly 20 years before the story of BRS THE GAME. As a "human" she resides in San Francisco as a singer named Sing Love. Her song was very popular and became a chart hit, with her image appearance on posters in cities such as San Francisco and New York. Despite her popularity, little was known about her identity.

She later worked with Professor Gibson and participated in human cloning. She is the source of the Gray clones, including Nana and Stella (BRS), of which the latter is addressed as "White" as Stella is considered as the perfect clone of WRS.

(Source: Black★Rock Shooter Wikia)

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