Nana Suzuki

Shichinin no Nana
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Shichinin no Nana: Oshougatsu da yo! 7 x 7 = 49-nin no Nana?
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Shichinin no Nana
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Nana Suzuki (鈴木 ナナ )

Nana Suzuki is a middle-schooler with a huge crush on a boy named Yuuichi, with whom she shares a class.
One day, she tries to bake a cake for her crush for Valentine's Day, to discover that the microwave is in the shed--being used in an experiment crafted by her grandfather. Inside, she discovers a heart-shaped prism which shoots out in seven different colors and splits her into seven Nanas!

Voice Actors
Mizuki, Nana
Taylor, Veronica
Kim, Seo Yeong

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