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Mahoutsukai Tai!
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Akane Aikawa (愛川 茜)

A 1st year and another new member of the Magic Club. Akane is a spoiled rich girl who often misses going to club meetings in order to go on dates with boyfriends. She seems to be a natural at using magic, and it comes very easily to her (such is her inant skill that she is able to make makeshift wands out of rudimentary objects, though they are rather primative and weak compared to her regular wand), though it can't be said the same for her flying.

Akane often uses magic for selfish reasons against what Takakura has taught, which causes Sae to lecture her in several instances. In a cute touch, anything affected soley by her magic spins before the spell's true effect come to pass, something which she has no control over. In the TV series, Akane works as a model and appears in clothing advertisements throughout the city. Her mother is a famous actress.

Voice Actors
Iwao, Junko
D'Amico, Domitilla
Jeong, Mi Sook
Schwarzmaier, Katharina

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