Rin "Shinigami" Houjou

Rin Houjou

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Rin Houjou (北条 凛)

Rin Houjou, also known as "Shinigami", is Gou Houjou's elder brother and a legendary driver of Kanagawa. Rin has had a long-standing feud with Ryousuke because of a girl named Kaori, who was Rin's arranged fiancé at the time.

Kaori would commit suicide after Rin verbally abuses her, claiming that she'll regret rejecting him when she and her family will be ruined. After this event, Rin left the racing scene and became a recluse, locking himself in his home for years, before making a surprising return and racing (unofficially) against Team Spiral's leader, Ikeda. Rin is an extremely skilled driver who utilizes a dangerous driving style

(Source: Initial D Wiki)

Voice Actors
Nakamura, Yuuichi
Seugnet, Christophe