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Mahoutsukai Tai!
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Sae Sawanoguchi (沢野口 沙絵)

Second year student at Kitanohashi High School and a new member of the Magic Club. Sae is eager to learn magic, but often has setbacks due to her clumsy nature. She looks up to Takakura as a great mentor. Although she actually has feelings for him beyond that, she is too shy to express them. Of the five members, Sae has the greatest amount of power to utilize, but lacks the training and concentration to fully tap into this potential.
Sae displays a clear ineptitude to flying on a broomstick in the OVA series, but her skills progress and by the TV series, she can fly on different pole-sized items without any problems, even without using her wand.

Voice Actors
De Bortoli, Federica
Konishi, Hiroko
Pfeiffer, Beate
Daniels, Misty
Wu, Jeong Sin
Bayarri, Noemí

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