Misaki Watarai

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Misaki Watarai (渡会 美咲)

Misaki is a fifth grade girl from the Moon class appearing in Episode 8. When she first met Amu, she was charging at her, but Amu managed to dodge. She goes to shake Amu's hand, but ends up squeezing it very hard, having Amu wince in pain and trying to let go. From there, Misaki saw an opening and tried to punch her, but Amu was quicker and managed to block it with her hands, having Misaki tell her she passed whatever test she had just put her through. Misaki wants to shake Ami's hand again, but Amu doesn't allow it as she is still wary, though Misaki does apologize. Amu wonders why Misaki is talking to her when she tells her something that surprises her: she liked Tadase Hotori also. She tells her this so they can join together to defeat their rivals; those being the other people who like Tadase.

Voice Actors
Nazuka, Kaori