Arisu "Alice" Arisugawa

Arisu Arisugawa

Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku
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Kagi Hime Monogatari: Eikyuu Alice Rondo
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Arisu Arisugawa (有栖川ありす)
Arisu's Japanese name is written in hiragana and not in katakana, as she often cites, though her name still bears strong similarity to Alice. She is first seen during the night by Aruto when he saw her pursuing after another woman. Arisu quickly becomes friends with Aruto Kirihara because of their mutual affinity for the Alice stories Like all Alice users, she is determined to finish the Endless Alice and be granted a wish.

However, she does not seem to have any previous memories before meeting Aruto as she is actually a character that is created out of Aruto's imagination in order to replace his sister, whom he knew he could not love.

An experienced and dedicated Alice User, she has allowed herself to be kept from her mission and willingly become friends with two of her enemies, but she will eventually have to unlock them to finish the Endless Alice and get her wish.

Voice Actors
Shimizu, Ai

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