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Rastani (ラスターニ)

The leader of the Black Impact team, Rastani is considered to be one of the top pilots in the whole Zi Fighter league until his defeats at the hands of the Dark Assassins and later, RD. He came to see RD as a rival and a threat to his position, and teamed up with several other Zoid pilots to eliminate him from the competition in the Battle Royale-which RD still managed to win. He and the rest of his team pilot customised Blade Ligers.

When Rastani was defeated by his brother Reynard and the AI-controlled Chimera Dragon, he began to think better of RD upon hearing him express his disgust toward the tactics of the Chimera BLOX units. He knew that RD was the only person capable of defeating the Chimera Dragon. After the battle, Rastani reclaimed the rights to the Black Impact Team from his brother. He changed from a bitter and spiteful rival to a friendly and decent competitor, an attitude reflected in how he speaks to RD and his nature throughout the episode.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Konishi, Katsuyuki
Kavadas, Andrew

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