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Sandra (サンドラ )

The manager of Savage Hammer, Sandra is a rich businesswoman and very influential within Blue City. She formed the team and supplies them with their Zoids, as well as fuels their ongoing feud with Mach Storm. She seems to enjoy setting up the two teams against each other. Sandra is very well connected, with contacts amongst the city's criminal elements. She is usually seen cradling a small and fat white cat.

Sandra's father, Graheme, was a member of the original Mach Storm. However, after he was apparently killed by Helmut, she formed Savage Hammer to get her revenge. In the end, however, Burton revealed that it was Marvis who killed him and framed Helmut for it. Following that revelation, she briefly becomes wracked with intense guilt, but is quickly dispelled as (it appears) Mach Storm held no grudge against her, probably because Helmut explained to the rest of them the reason for her misguidance. The epilogue reveals her now part of Mach Storm, assisting with business matters.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
St. Germain, Tabitha
Yuuya, Atsuko

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