Judau "Grey Stoke" Ashta

Judau Ashta

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Judau Ashta (ジュドー・アーシタ)

Gender: Male
Alias: Grey Stoke
Genetic Type: Newtype
Era: Universal Century
Status: Alive
Birthdate: October 10, 0073
Age: 14 [MSG-ZZ], 15 [Evolve], 62 [MSCB-SH], 79 [MSVG-SS]
Hair: Brown
Eye: Green
Family: Leina Ashta (Sister)
Love Interest(s): Roux Louka
Nationality: Earth Federation (Side 1: Shangri-La)
Affiliation: Anti Earth Union Group, Gundam Team
Occupation: Junk Dealer, Mobile Suit pilot
Rank: Ensign

At the start of the series, Judau and his friends are poor junk dealers at the space colony of Shangri-La in Side 1. Judau is rather loudmouthed and straightfoward, but has a good heart and displays powerful Newtype abilities. He has a younger sister named Leina whom he cares very deeply for. Their parents moved to another colony to find work and they send money back to them.

While scavenging for junk one day, Judau comes across the escape pod of Titans pilot Yazan Gable, who managed to survive the Gryps Conflict that concluded Zeta Gundam. Discovering that the Argama was in port at the same colony, Yazan forcefully brings Judau and his friends along to help attack the ship. Judau breaks free from Yazan in order to steal the Zeta Gundam and sell it. He and his friends attempt this numerous times but fail, usually ending up saving the Argama instead from Yazan or Neo Zeon troops. They ultimately befriend the crew and join the AEUG, where they become known as the "Gundam Team," with Judau piloting the Zeta Gundam.

Judau's mission eventually becomes personal when the Neo Zeon kidnap Leina. He often goes into battle against orders since he is so desperate to save his sister. Strangely, Neo Zeon leader Haman Karn becomes fascinated with Judau and has a possible romantic interest in him. Although they are enemies, she always offers Judau - who is a Newtype like herself - a chance to join her side, which Judau always refuses. Artificial Newtype and Neo Zeon pilot Elpeo Puru also has a romantic crush on Judau.

Eventually, Judau receives the Double Zeta Gundam (ZZ Gundam) from Anaheim Electronics and becomes its pilot.

Judau was also the central character of the non-canon crossover manga with Space Runaway Ideon, Mobile Suit Vs. Giant God: Gigantis' Counterattack, where the UC universe is in fact the universe Ideon remade at the end of the apocalyptic movie conclusion and Judau is said to be the reincarnation of Ideon protagonist Cosmo Yuki.

(Source: The Gundam Wikia)

Voice Actors
Yao, Kazuki
Pleavin, Darren

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