Ryo "Kuro-Yan" Kuroyanagi

Ryo Kuroyanagi

Yakitate!! Japan
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Yakitate!! Japan
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Ryo Kuroyanagi (黒柳亮)

The 22-year-old head at the main Pantasia branch, and a Harvard graduate with a Food Science diploma (there he had a girlfriend named Cathy, but they got separated when he needed to go back to Japan). His passion and talent is food tasting, at which he excels.

His straight-laced, no-nonsense attitude belies his very silly quirk of making strange pun-based reactions to the delicious bread he taste-tests: He once married an extremely ugly woman just for the sake of a pun. (He then got a divorce five minutes later.) He used to be the student of Ken, but Ken drove Ryo away with his behavior.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Koyasu, Takehito
McKinney, David Lee
Regalado, José María