Pedro "Pedoro" Domingo

Pedro Domingo

Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga
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Excel Saga
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Pedro Domingo (ペドロ)

Pedro left his home in Colombia, South America, to work hard and earn a wage to support his son and sexy wife. Instead, he ended up dying in a horrible fire for which Excel was more than a little responsible.

After spending some time as the Great Will of the Macrocosm's boy toy, Pedro escaped and returned home- only to find that his loved ones had already forgotten him and taken up with his neighbor, Gomez.


While he is present, he can hardly even be considered a character in the original manga version, since he only has two appearances, the first of which being in a single panel as more of an easter egg than a cameo. The second time he is merely mentioned by name as an in-joke.

Voice Actors
Magne, Bruno
Nagasako, Takashi
Mungle, Rob
Laffey, Luiz
Portuguese (BR)
Mannella, Franco

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