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Road Kamelot

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Road Kamelot is the first Noah introduced in the D. Gray-man series, appearing to Allen, Lenalee, and Miranda in the Rewinding City arc. Despite looking as if she is in her early teens, Road is referred to as the oldest of the Noah. Road has an affinity for candies and blood, as well as a childlike enjoyment of birthday-reminiscent themes.

Road has a plethora of supernatural abilities, ranging from the ability to travel to an alternate dimension through a door that appears at her will to complete regeneration after injury. Her dimensional space is in the form of a wrapped present, while her weapons of choice are levitating candles that can be sharpened to waxen stakes. While inside her personal dimension, she can control nonliving objects within the area; For instance, her stake-like candles fly to attack at her will. She has absolute control of everything in her dimension ranging from her appearing out of the floor, creating a copy of Lavi to crumbling his Innocence. Outside of her dimension she has displayed Telekinetic powers.

Road's personality and home life are surprisingly normal, despite her role as a villain. She has a childlike need to be entertained at all times, usually by the Earl's parasol Lero, and forces Tyki to entertain her when Lero will not. She shows a tendency to procrastinate on schoolwork, like many children her age, and appears to be in trouble for skipping classes often. Despite her childlike tendencies, she has also shown signs of extreme sadism and seems to enjoy watching the suffering of others, including stabbing Allen through the eye, killing an Akuma subordinate for no other reason then to anger Allen, and nailing Miranda’s hands to a clock while writing profanity on the wall in her blood.

Her relationships with the other members of the Noah family all vary on a basis quite similar to a normal family situation; She looks up to Tyki as an older brother and is very close to him, while the twins appear to bicker with her often in a sibling-like, affectionate manner. Her relationship with Skin is unknown, as almost no interaction between the two is shown in the series. She also seems to have feelings for Allen Walker, as she kisses him upon seeing him again. Tyki finds this surprising, as the only one she kissed before was the Earl.

Despite Road's young appearance, she is considered the First Child by Debit and Jasdero, which suggests that she was the first Noah to awaken in the current generation. Due to this fact, she is the only Noah capable of programming Noah's Ark, and appears to have the favoritism of the Millennium Earl. She represents Noah's "Dreams". Road's nationality is unknown.

Voice Actors
Shimizu, Ai
Leigh, Cherami
Chae, Ui Jin
Van Ermengem, Marie
Kondou, Yui
Cordevin, Joey
Polo, Sara

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