Kirika Misono

Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete
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Kirika Misono (御園霧香)

Kirika Misono is a student at Zashono Academy and the unofficial leader of the Eiken club. She is actually in love with Densuke Mifune but accepts his affection towards Chiharu Shinonome. Nobody knows much about her but knows that she uses Densuke Mifune. Notable are her M-cup breasts.

It is shown that Kirika does not wear underwear unless she wears it with a bikini.

Kirika Misono is the tallest, has the largest breasts, and has the longest hair. She always has something thick and long in her mouth, mostly bananas and ice cream.

Voice Actors
Asano, Masumi
Robinson, Cindy