Yasuo Iwakura

Yasuo Iwakura

Serial Experiments Lain
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Yasuo Iwakura (岩倉 康男)
Passionate about computers and electronic communication, he is shown as working with Eiri Masami at Tachibana Labs. He subtly pushes Lain, his daughter, towards the Wired and monitors her development until she becomes aware of her condition. He leaves her telling her that he did not enjoy playing a family, but did love her. He seems eager to lure her into the Wired, but warns her not to get overly involved in it. Yasuo is voiced by Ryuusuke Oobayashi in the Japanese version and the late Barry Stigler in the English version.

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Voice Actors
Oobayashi, Ryuusuke
Bierstedt, Detlef
Stigler, Barry