Claire Rondo

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Claire Rondo

A member of the Control Section, a combination of mission control and air traffic control for spacecraft around or based in the ISPV 7 Space Station. She was raised in the United States, but born in the impoverished South American nation of El Tanika. She makes a fateful friendship with Hakim, of the Orbital Security Agency and later, a Jupiter Mission candidate.

Gigalt gave her a nickname too—"The Swan". He gave his reasoning for this nickname to Tanabe: Claire's personality is, on the surface, serene and relaxed. But below the surface, she is working (paddling) very hard just to keep pace with the world around her. In this way, Claire's career-driven personality is well described, very penetratingly by Gigalt.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Watanabe, Kumiko
Sargent, Lia
Aubry, Brigitte
Cericola, Dania

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