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Tamami (タマミ)

* Age: 10 (First Season), 11 (Second Season)

* Birthday: August 12

* Western Zodiac Sign: Leo

Tamami is very catlike and has many catgirl personality traits. She is very hyperactive and has kept her cat-like ability to scale walls with ease. Tamami is the bride of Gai,the White Tiger (Byakko) but says she's too young. It is noted that Gai is protective of her and always tries to help her out of danger.

Whenever you cannot find her she is most likely in a grassy place taking a nap. She is afraid of cars and traffic because in her past life she was a cat who died after she was hit by a car.

Her hairstyle represents a cat's ears and she belongs to the intermediate rank. In the second season, Tamami is in the senior rank due to her achievements in the human world.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Savage, Carrie
Oosawa, Chiaki

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