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Mystina (メルティーナ)

Mystina first appears in the manga in chapter 9.

A magician acquaintance of Lezard's, he comes to recruit her in the Einherjar's quest to defeat Hrist Valkyrie and revive Lenneth.

Mystina is proud, egotistical and lacks modesty. When Lezard asks for her to lend them her power, she scoffs "why should I, Mystina, do that?!" After arguing, Lezard finally points out her lack of choice in the matter as he reveals Mystina's dead body on the floor. Irate rather than frightened, Mystina is still able to promise Lezard a haunting for his deed, thus joining them. Arngrim and Jelanda are not at all sure Mystina's "bad personality" is appropriate for their quest.

Mystina and the others track down Hrist in Brahm's castle. Mystina uses the high-level spell "Crystal Strike" to aid in Hrist's annihilation, affirming her advanced skill as a magician. She, Lezard and Jelanda are then able to seal Lenneth's soul in a crystal.

When Lezard takes the group to his home to fetch a homunculi for Lenneth's revival, Mystina is unwilling to listen to Lezard's explanations, saying "What a boring story, just get to the point!" When Lezard does perform the spell to merge Lenneth's soul with the homunculi, Mystina recognizes Lezard's advanced power enabling him to use such a rare spell, in spite of her pride.

When Lenneth awakens, Mystina is perceptive enough to read Lezard's reactions and guess at his feelings for the Valkyrie, but does not openly mock him, merely smirking to herself.

Mystina does not appear again until the final chapter when Lenneth is obstructed by Fenrir on her path to confronting Loki. Mystina willingly offers her assistance even if she must fight alone (commenting on how Lezard had disappeared). She encourages Lenneth to go "get revenge for the boy you loved." Perhaps finally able to put other's wishes ahead of her own.

The last time we see Mystina is in a single panel after Lenneth restores Midgard and Asgard with her new powers of Creation. She sits in the grass near Lezard, offering her sardonic condolences for the magician's failing in capturing Lenneth's heart.

Mystina is called "Misty" by Lezard, noting their familiarity with one another, even if they are not exactly friends.

Mystina originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and does not appear anywhere else.

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