Takumi "Taku" Fujiwara

Takumi Fujiwara

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Takumi Fujiwara

Basketball Jersey: Number 4
Height: 184 cm
Nickname: Fujiwara-chan, Taku
Position: Point Guard
Fujiwara is a second-year student at Mizuho High. He is often nicknamed as Taku by his close friends and seems romantically involved with Mutsumi Akiyoshi of the girls' team. Fujiwara also appears to be very close to his long-time friend, Miura Ranmaru.

He was involved in an incident where he was provoked into punching the coach in his first year. The coach has since transferred to another school and Mizuho's boys basketball team was banned from any tournament for a year. He is not to be mistaken with Initial D's Takumi Fujiwara.

He has an old injury on his right knee which came from one of his games involving Miura and was ordered by Anzaki to rehabilitate his knee and make it more flexible to improve his playing ability in time for the prefectural tournament.

Fujiwara is the captain of Mizuho basketball team and plays the position of point guard. He attended Mizuho Junior High and was Miura's teammate at that time as well.

Voice Actors
Matsukaze, Masaya
Corsetti, Sérgio
Portuguese (BR)

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