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Given no name, this character first appears in the manga in chapter 5.

He appears in Belenus's home to answer the pact Belenus's wife makes with Lady Balaza, whom he presumably serves. At the wife's funeral, grievers say that she died from a great loss of blood; we may assume this is the Vampire's doing, although the wife did cut her wrist over a seal of Balaza to make the pact.

The night of the funeral the Vampire takes bat-form to visit Asaka's room. When Belenus arrives, the Vampire has already taken Asaka's life. The Vampire takes Belenus by the throat with superhuman speed and strength. Before he can kill Belenus, Lenneth Valkyrie arrives with her Einherjar. While the Vampire is distracted in battle, Belenus runs a sword through him from behind. The Vampire retreats, swearing revenge.

The next time the Vampire appears, he is stalking Lawfer, attracted to the knight's negative emotions from the death of Arngrim. When Lawfer is being threatened by a band of Villnore spies, the Vampire rescues him by slaying the others. After this the Vampire keeps Lawfer company, working to deepen Lawfer's negative emotions.
When Lawfer tries unsuccessfully to appeal Roy's death sentence, the Vampire urges him to seek his own justice. When Lawfer is just about to free Roy from prison, the Vampire slays him and drinks his blood, forcing Lawfer to become an Undead.

The last time we see him is in chapter 7. Lenneth Valkyrie and her Einherjar investigate an abandoned cathedral that is the Vampire's lair. We learn that the Vampire was once a human priest who wished to rescue a girl from a painful life at the church. He escaped with her through a window, but the girl died in the fall and became an Undead. The priest, presumably turned into a Vampire from the resulting negative emotions of this trauma, purified her into a spirit bound to the cathedral.

When Lenneth and the Vampire confront one another in battle, the girl's spirit appears and begs everyone to stop fighting and to find forgiveness. The Vampire confesses that he can never forgive himself and Lenneth performs the only Nebilung Valesti in the manga to destroys the Vampire, subsequently purifying the cathedral and putting an end to the girl's spirit.

The Vampire, as a character, is an original work of the manga. His likeness is used throughout Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) to represent Elder Vampire enemies. To note, Lady Balaza is named "Beliza" in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation).

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