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Lezard Valeth (レザード・ヴァレス)

Lezard Valeth first appears in the manga in chapter 2.

Lezard is a Necromancer and alchemist. He is first shown giving Lombert a magic vial of ghoul power, aiding in Lombert's nefarious plans to start a war between Villnore and Artolia.

When Princess Jelanda is fed the ghoul power and is transformed into a demon, Lezard is shown watching from the safety of his home via a looking glass. When Lenneth Valkyrie unexpectedly appears, Lezard is smitten and proclaims his desire for her.

Lezard Valeth is in the company of Lombert at the Artolia castle when Arngrim arrives to avenge Jelanda's death. When Valkyrie appears to aid Arngrim, Lezard is expecting it.

When Lombert is killed his body falls onto a large sorcerer's pentagram, presumably placed there by Lezard. A monster rises from the corpse and attacks. While Valkyrie is entangled with the monster, Lezard touches Lenneth's hair and muses over her beauty. While she is incapacitated, Lezard removes Valkyrie's Ring of Destiny. Lenneth reacts violently to this and the subsequent release of energy frees her from the monster's grip. Lezard then teleports out of the situation.

The next time Lezard appears is in chapter 9 when he teleports Arngrim and Jelanda out of danger after Lenneth's body is taken over by Hrist Valkyrie. Lezard offers his help in reviving his beloved Valkyrie. Three magicians are needed for the task, so Lezard also recruits Mystina.

Lezard, Mystina, Arngrim and Jelanda track down Hrist in Brahm's castle. Brahm lends his help and with all their strength Hrist is annihilated. Lezard, Mystina and Jelanda seal Lenneth's soul in a crystal and Lezard uses his Necromancy to fuse her soul with the body of a homunculi.
When Lenneth awakens she grieves over Lucian's death and Lezard is pictured with his back to the others, perhaps uncomfortable at Lenneth's very human reaction and the realization her heart wasn't his yet.

The last time we see Lezard is for a single panel in the last chapter after Lenneth has undone Loki's destruction and renewed Asgard and Midgard with her powers of Creation. Mystina offers him sardonic condolences for Lezard's loss of love, as Lenneth and Lucian are finally reunited. Lezard is not pictured with the party joining Lenneth on the last page, so we may assume Lezard retreated back to Midgard to continue his with his plots and yearning.

Lezard Valeth originated in Valkyrie Profile (Playstation) and appears in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (Playstation 2) and makes a cameo in Radiata Stories (Playstation 2).

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