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Nicol Amarfi (ニコル・アマルフィ)

Age: 15
Birthday: March 1
Blood type: B
Genetic type: Coordinator
Height: 165 cm
Mobile suit: GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam

The youngest member of the Le Creuset team which attacks Heliopolis, who becomes the pilot of the captured Blitz Gundam. Although his father is a member of the PLANT Supreme Council, Nicol is a reluctant soldier who feels sympathy for the casualties of the conflict. His sentimental nature earns him the contempt of his more aggressive teammates, who consider him a weakling and a coward.

Source: GundamOfficial

Voice Actors
Khouth, Gabe
Matsui, Mami
Sindberg, Susan
Mongillo, Casey
Park, Romi

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