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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 1: Phantom Blood
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Wang Chan (ワンチェン)

Wang Chan is a minor antagonist featured in Part I: Phantom Blood


As a human, Wang Chan has shown a greedy personality, selling a poison to Dio Brando without any regard for its use and heading back to the Joestar mansion to salvage for treasures and antiques. Upon becoming a vampire, however, he becomes entirely devoted to Dio's wishes.


Originally only known as the "Oriental Man", he owned a curiosity shop on Ogre Street. Wang Chang sold Dio the poison which Dio used in his murder of Dario Brando and his attempted murder of George Joestar, although Wang was not concerned with what the poison was to be used for. He told Dio, without much, if any, intent to provoke him, of a man in his own land who had a similar birthmark to Dio's who had had a harsh life, but in the end lived to be over 183.

Sometime after, he was was captured by Jonathan Joestar and taken to the the Joestar Manor. When he is used in an attempt to force Dio to go with the police, he again mentions his fortune telling, saying that Dio is far too lucky to fully have to give up this early. Dio uses George's blood to become a vampire, taking Wang Chan as his subordinate when the latter goes to search the Joestar manor for valuables.

Dio trusts him enough to be responsible for his head and implanting it onto Jonathan's body. This did not go according to plan, however as Jonathan use the last of his strength to crush Wang Chan's head and sent a ripple to take control of his body, and made him sink the ship of zombies by grinding his body into the machinery.

Voice Actors
Stone, Doug
Naka, Hiroshi
Santoro, Gileno
Portuguese (BR)
Le Doze, Gabriel
Miranda, José Luis
Idota, Jun

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