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Dario Brando (ダリオ・ブランドー)

Dario Brando is a minor, fictional character appearing in the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki.

Dario is a poor man in Victorian England and sees George Joestar's carriage crash one day in 1868. Thinking everyone involved has died, Dario goes to loot the wreckage. In the process, he is seen by George, who is still alive. George mistakenly thinks Dario saved his life, and is very thankful. Twelve years later, when Dario is on his deathbed, he sends Dio to live with George, as payment for Georges debt to Dario. After his father dies, Dio spits on his grave. Dario was known to be an alcoholic, but George always looked at him nicely. George even bailed him out of jail, when he was imprisoned for stealing George's wife's ring. George said it was a gift, and the police had to let him go.

His Steel Ball Run counterpart is much younger in appearance, but maintains an even crueller personality, showing no qualms in throwing his own infant son Diego into a river to die. His fate afterwards is unknown, but it is implied that he was being sought by his son.

Voice Actors
Miyazawa, Tadashi
Kramer, Steve
Rocamora, Francesc
Silveira, Carlos
Portuguese (BR)
Melennec, Patrice
Orozco, José Luis

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