Danny "Danny Boy"


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Danny (ダニー)
Danny is a teen mamodo, who quickly becomes friends with Gash. They meet while Danny is supposed to be watching over a sculpture that's over 300 years old, but takes off for a bit to get fish donuts. While gone a gang steals the statue away from Danny's book reader. Gash helps Danny, & his book reader track down the gang to a boat dock in town. Gash sends Umagon to go get Kiyomaro so that Gash would be able to help.

Kiyomaro shows up right on time, & helps Danny, Gash, & Danny's book reader. Afterwards everything seemed to have had come to an end, Gash & Danny being ready to go get sushi. But then the leader of the gang breaks free from the cops, stealing a truck. The truck is tipped over, nearly crushing every one. But Danny manages to catch it, lifting it so that it won't fall onto the sculpture.

Suddenly Gash is stuck in a touch decision let the truck fall crushing Danny, & his book. Or, use one of his spells to destroy the truck, which will catch Danny's book on fire. In the end Gash uses his spell, destroying the truck, & Danny's book. Danny is then sent back to the Mamodo world, not feeling sad, but proud.

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Kappei
Lowenthal, Yuri
Keplermaier, Thiago
Boulad, Luc