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Chae Kyoung (チェギョン)

Chae Kyoung is a study-abroad student from Korea that has come to Japan and Pretty Top to learn the art of Prism Shows. She is a member of the Korean Prism Show Unit, PURETTY. Chae Kyoung is a refreshing girl who comes from a house with lots of money. She's good at finding diamonds in the rough, but has a problem with thinking she can solve everything with money. She's a former model, and pushes her way through. She uses the word "celebrity" as an adjective for things she thinks are cool, and also uses "Kwenchana (pronounced "KEHN-CHAHN-NAH" in the Japanese)" to say "All OK". Her elder brother is Yun-su, the designer and owner of Dear Crown. Her best friend in Prizzmy☆ is Ayami. Her catchphrase is "celebrity" as an adjective.

Voice Actors
Akesaka, Satomi

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