Uzume "Sekirei No. 10"


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Uzume (鈿女)

A Sekirei originally living at Izumo Inn when Minato and Musubi first arrived. Uzume's Ashikabi is a young girl named Chiho, who is confined to a hospital due to an unknown illness.

Uzume had a large collection of costumes at the Inn, which she used to wear to entertain Chiho. Higa Izumi, who is holding Chiho hostage, manipulates her into using her powers to eliminate other Sekirei.

Near the end of the second stage, Uzume leaves Izumo Inn, realizing she can no longer be a friend with Minato's party. She develops a friendly rivalry with Kazehana, who Uzume refers to as 'Nee-san'. Uzume fights using a large veil which also serves to hide her face and identity.

Norito: The veil of my contract, destroy the nightmare of my Ashikabi!

Voice Actors
Nabatame, Hitomi
Marchi, Jamie
Hannak, Nicole
Lee, So Eun

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