Onihei Yamamoto

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Onihei Yamamoto (山本鬼兵)

Position: Lineman
Jersey Number: 71
Height: 167 cm
Weight:72 kg
3rd Year Student (Grade 12)

Onihei is a cunning ultra veteran with a small body who even fellow lineman Kurita greatly admires! In fact, Onihei is the reason why Kurita came to play football in the way he does now and because of him he now has the "Funnuraba!" chant. Onihei is known for his ability to block effectively despite not being a particularly large person. He has enough strength to lift or stop Kurita single handed. He appears as a spectator at the Poseidon - Devil Bats game as well as several others and has conversations with Ojo players. Onihei has become somewhat of a comic relief character since his defeat at the hands of Mizumachi and the Poseidons, constantly made fun of by Torakichi, who insists that anything Onihei predicts is automatically wrong (and in the true-false section of the trivia game at the Ojo High festival chooses his answers -correctly- based on this theory). So far this has usually held true, with Onihei repeatedly predicting the defeat of the Devil Bats, only to be proven wrong by their comeback victories.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kusunoki, Taiten

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