Hamaji "Ma-chan" Yakumo

Hamaji Yakumo

H2O: Footprints in the Sand
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Hamaji Yakumo (八雲 はまじ)

Hamaji is one of Takuma's classmates. Despite his feminine appearance and voice, he is in fact a boy who crossdresses like a girl. He has an optimistic personality, and likes to play innocent when he plays bad jokes on others. He seems to favor Takuma. He has a little sister named Yukiji (雪路, Yukiji), and his family owns a convenience store. In the epilogue of the story, he has a child with Maki, who was his best friend in the series. Maki is seen holding the child at the Kagura household, who could have been mistaken to be Takuma's child due to the hairstyle, but the hair color belongs to Hamaji, therefore, making him the father.


Voice Actors
Sakakibara, Yui
Han, Chae Eon

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